Old Meets New

A traditional wagashi sweets store that conveys the colors of each season, studios for making kiriko cut glass and for dyeing textiles, a restaurant where you can enjoy sushi, soba noodles and other typical flavors of Edo. In Tokyo, there are over 3,000 traditional businesses, which we might call “venerable” as they have continued for over 100 years. Each one continues to be inspired by a spirit and a sense of beauty that has its roots in the old ways of life, with crafts, techniques, and know-how that has been passed down for generations.

The famous products of old shops, the craftsmanship of artisans, and the culinary culture; these are Tokyo’s irreplaceable treasures. Our hope is that everyone, both in Japan and overseas, will realize the unique appeal of these treasures, and use them more in their everyday life. By winning appreciation for this “Tokyo Brand”, we would like to pass on these Tokyo treasures to future generations. It was with these thoughts in mind that we began the Edo Tokyo Kirari Project.

For this project, we are introducing representative Tokyo brands, based on the concept of “old meets new”. We have carefully selected enterprises that not only possess evident quality and beautiful design, but that also represent a wellspring of new, inspired approaches to fulfilling contemporary lifestyle needs.

It is our earnest hope for everyone to experience the fascination of Tokyo’s proudest treasures and to incorporate their use into daily life. We believe that it is only in the actual use and appreciation of these articles that their wonderful craftsmanship can be passed on for posterity.