A noren inspired by botanical specimens hanging over a window.
The design is fully expressed by jacquard embroidery.
By using a highly transparent lace as the background of the embroidery design, the plant motif rises to the surface when light passes through from behind.
It gives a sense of presence unique to embroidery.

Jacquard Embroidery: A machine embroidery method using jacquard embroidery machines. This modern embroidery can produce complex designs and expressions that are difficult with hand embroidery.
Creating the idea and punch data that serves as a base of the embroidery requires true expertise.

Design: Yuika Koyama/Graphic Designer and Art Director
Koyama started to work as a package designer from 2012 in Osaka. From 2017, she worked at the design firm, goen° as a designer.
She became independent in 2020.

Note: This is a made-to-order product. It takes about two months from order to delivery.

Size detail: W880 mm x H1350 mm Material: Linen
Since its establishment in 1923, Nakamura has focused on noren (partitioning curtains), whose form and function has not changed greatly since the Edo period (1603-1867), proposing new ways of use and design through modern reinterpretation. Originally working as an intermediary that coordinated all processes involved in the making and repairing of kimono, Nakamura drew on the know-how and experience it accumulated through its many years of close interaction with artisians to begin producing noren for clients in Japan and overseas in 2014.

Noren are iconic items that have decorated the entrances of Japanese buildings for centuries. They are thought to have arisen in the Yayoi period (300 BCE-300 CE) as curtains used as sunshades and dust screens. Noren, often dyed with designs that feature distinguishing symbols such as store names, family crests and historical imagery, are considered a forerunner to Japanese outdoor advertising.

Nakamura undertakes the entire production of noren, from suggesting various materials and dyeing techniques to the comprehensive handling of all design elements including graphics, logos, and crests, to bring new life to traditional noren and create "the one and only noren" that perfectly meets the client's demands.

Faced with the demands for efficiency and mass production of modern society, it requires extraordinary effort to simply sustain the exquisite technique and know-how which were handed down by artisians over generations. In an age undergoing constant change, the ability to produce new value that is meaningful to society is the best way to preserve the work of the artisians . And in every age, that role is played by producers with creative ideas, such as Nakamura.

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