A modern Edo kiriko glass overlaid on coal black.
The straight-line motif has created an innovative and modern image, which makes you forget it is the traditional handcraft of Edo kiriko.
Cutting the growth rings vertically creates a surface with stripes having a straight grain.
Straight-grain items are considered to be a luxury as they can only be produced from timber from the centre of a tree.
This glass has evenly spaced stripes, designed to evoke the image of this straight grain.

- Comment from the store manager
It is a glass that is perfect for the modern lifestyle, born from the fusion of traditional Edo kiriko and the modern technique of black glass.

Size: W9.0 cm × D9.0 cm × H10.0 cm
Content: 350 ml

*Each product is created by hand. Although each product is created with care, due to the nature of the manufacturing process, small bubbles, minor flaws or distortions may occur.
Kimoto Glass Tokyo
In Tokyo, you can find all kinds of wonderful glass products including Edo kiriko, the Japanese form of traditional cut glass. The city also is home to craftspersons with extraordinary skills. Kimoto Glass Tokyo, which has continued to serve as a bridge between craftspersons and customers as glass wholesaler for 80 years, considers that it is its mission to create and transmit techniques for the further advancement of glass to the public, along with producing various innovative glass products.

From black Edo kiriko, which was challenging to create until today, and sandblasted glasses to streamline-shaped glasses based on ergonomics, such innovative-looking glasses made from the traditional technique of the craftsperson are all due to the company's power as a glass producer, which brought craftspersons and designers working actively in this area together.

In addition, Kimoto Glass Tokyo calls for the importance of enjoying sake, which boasts a wide variety of flavours and tastes, by changing the shapes and sizes of its glasses depending on the taste and how you drink them, just like wine and cocktails. The company proposes a "marriage" of sake and glass to accompany the dishes together with sake brewers based in Japan. A glass with a large bowl goes very well with sake characterized by a fragrant flavour. A tall, slim glass goes well with sake with a refreshing taste. By simply changing the glass, one may have an entirely different impression of even a familiar sake. The evolution of Edo glass will make Japanese food culture even more interesting.

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Kimoto Glass Tokyo