Ryukobo created the Kumihimo Bracelet with the aim of making kumihimo (a type of braided belt) items more popular in daily life. With the development of the three-layered version, which is an evolved form of the earlier bracelet, the continuation of fine lines creates an effect of sharpness on the wrist.
You can wear it on your wrist and let it subtly show from under the sleeve as an accent, layer it with a watch, wear it wrapped around your wrist to balance your T-shirt styling to name just a few possibilities. It was created to match all kinds of style.

Colour: Hiwa (yellow-green &gold)
Size: S 55 cm, M 60 cm
Lead-time: 3-4 weeks
※Please note that the colour of the actual product may differ to the photo image due to the lighting at the time of photography.

Ryukobo is the only kumihimo atelier in Tokyo that carries out the entire process from beginning to end, starting with the making of threads that match kumihimo, through the entire process of design, dyeing, and braiding. The atelier is led by Master Takashi Fukuda, who has been certified as a “traditional craftsman” by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and his son Ryuta. Ever since its establishment 132 years ago, Ryukobo has passed down authentic kumihimo-making techniques as a family business. Confidence in Ryukobo’s artisanship runs deep, and it is appreciated and loved by many luminaries in tea ceremony circles, kabuki actors, and the Imperial Family, who all prize quality.

Kumihimo are made using specialised work stands, called maru-dai (round stands), kaku-dai (angular stands), ayatake-dai (patterned bamboo stands), and taka-dai (high stands). Beautifully dyed silk threads are woven deftly by craftspeople employing dozens of different techniques. The result is high-quality braids that have just the right elasticity, making them easy to tie, but difficult to undo. This can only be achieved by a skilled craftsperson who, with great concentration, braids the cords with subtly graded tension. The work on kumihimo with complex patterns progresses very slowly, at a rate of just a few centimetres per hour.

Recently, Ryukobo, with Ryuta as its centre, is actively developing new products by evolving kumihimo into something modern that can be worn with Western-style clothing as well as traditional Japanese costumes. Ryukobo's fashion-oriented approach starting with bracelets and the collaboration of umbrellas with "utilitarian beauty", and their initiatives to expand the possibilities of kumihimo are attracting attention both inside and outside Japan these days. Braiding technology, which has been carefully handed down over the generations, is set to evolve into new shapes.

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