Inspired by the movie "Grease." Pants offering a retro American style with Japanese sashiko quilting. When wearing these pants, take in the story behind the silhouette and design created with traditional Japanese fabric. These pants are a textile masterpiece that becomes softer and more comfortable the more you wear them.

XL size: waist: 98cm/rise: 41cm/inseam: 71cm/thigh: 32cm/leg opening: 19cm
Porter Classic

Established in 2007, Porter Classic's small workshop is tucked quietly among the alleys of Asakusa, a neighbourhood where a variety of warehouses and workshops of all sizes stand side by side. Porter Classic was launched by Katsuyuki Yoshida, one of the most influential figures in the Japanese fashion industry, who has created numerous popular pieces in the past, together with his son Leo. Based on the concept of “a global standard” that will be cherished across generations, they are committed to Japanese craftsmanship.

Solidly traditional elements such as fabrics for kendo (Japanese swordsmanship) suits and sashiko (Japanese quilting) designs are among Porter Classic’s signature offerings. The kendo-inspired clothing, made from indigo-dyed cotton that fades beautifully over time, is durable and excellent to touch. The longer you wear these jackets, the more they grow gently accustomed to your body, making it so every time your arms pass through the sleeves, the silhouette is nothing less than perfection.

Furthermore, Porter Classic simultaneously incorporates traditional Japanese techniques with cutting-edge technology to continue to create timeless designs that combine classic and modern elements. Rather than merely taking traditional techniques and fabrics in their original form, forever updating contemporary techniques and ideas allow them to create a new standard—clothing that will be cherished across the generations.

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Porter Classic